About EKO Packaging

EKO Packaging was created from a need to provide Australians with eco-friendly food packaging supplies. Coming from a background of food packaging distribution, we realised the amount of plastic waste and harm the current products on the market were having on our planet. Thus, we decided to provide a solution that aims to reduce these effects in order to protect and preserve our environment. 

At EKO Packaging we aim to provide:

Sustainable Packaging

Our products are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials that won't last hundreds of years in landfill.

Stylish Products

We aim to provide products that are stylish, innovative and fit for purpose so that anyone can easily implement them into their business.


We work with the best brands and manufacturers to ensure that our products are made from high-quality materials and durable for all types of foods.

Cost Efficient

We want all our customers to switch to eco-friendly packaging products which is why we aim to keep our prices as low as possible.


We know that our customers may have differing needs for packaging products which is why we always listen to see if we are able to provide them with the best packaging solutions. We know how important products are in representing your company, so we provide affordable customisation services for many of our items.

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