Committed to an eco-friendly future

Single use plastics are extremely damaging to the environment, from the way they're produced, to when they're thrown away. We provide a range of high-quality alternatives that are more eco-friendly and sustainably made.

High-quality and innovative packaging

At EkoPackaging we aim to provide a diverse range of high-quality and innovative packaging solutions for a variety of businesses.

Large range to suit all your packaging needs

We offer a variety of solutions which are constantly evolving with the food and hospitality industry in order to suit all your packaging needs.

Are You Prepared?

Most Australian states have committed to banning single-use plastics with many in the process of phasing out already. At EKO Packaging we are commited to an eco-friendly future and provide a range of alternatives to their plastic counterparts that comply with current state plastic bans. We strongly encourage you and your business to make the switch over to sustainable and eco-friendly products as early as possible.

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About Us

EKO Packaging was created from a need to provide Australians with eco-friendly food packaging supplies. We aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste and harm that the current products on the market are having on our planet.

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